Ikiru is a Japanese word meaning 'to live'.

To live a better life we require balance of health and wellbeing.


Meet Kate Warren

Yoga & Shiatsu practitioner

Kate Warren, Ikiru’s founder, is a highly trained yoga instructor and certified Shiatsu practitioner. With a passion for Women's Health her personal yoga & wellness journey spans fifteen years.


Kate's practice is founded on the principles of Ryoho. This is a sophisticated combination of Indian Hatha yoga, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Theory, Meridian-Based Healing Arts of China & Japan, Breathing Techniques, Medicinal Nutrition and Shiatsu Therapy.

Kate's experience and extensive knowledge of the human body allow her to guide clients through a wellness journey that can address a variety of issues including fatigue, stress, excess weight, body aches and pains, women's health problems, and an overall lack of wellbeing. Kate offers programs specially designed for women, corporates & school children, as well as private classes. Through her programs, she teaches clients how to achieve a healthier version of themselves and to understand that good health is your responsibility.


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Yoga classes are now available online.

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At Ikiru, Kate offers clients a truly personalised experience in a welcoming environment. Through her methodologies, she will guide you to an improved relationship with your body and health.

The yoga classes are probably unlike anything you've ever seen before. The movements are designed to target your body in a specific way. This unique style of therapeutic yoga is a perfect option even for 

'I don't do yoga' type of people.

Your journey to wellness is a very individual one. Kate practices the Ryoho methodology which focuses on balancing your health, body structure, organ function, mind, emotions, and spirit.

The work is done in a therapeutic way, allowing your body to heal, get stronger, and to be filled with vitality. This approach also takes into consideration the impact of other factors on our body, such as seasonal changes and food & nutrition.

Learn how to be a stronger and healthier version of yourself.


Wellness & Balance

Ikiru's holistic approach is designed to bring vitality and balance to your body which will improve your health and well-being.

Clarity of Mind

Kate's body, mind & breath work will allow you to tackle fatigue and to improve mind clarity.

Weight Loss

Modern lifestyle can often result in weight gain. Ikiru teaches you how to move your body the correct way which in turn nurtures a change in habits .

Women's Health

Kate offers programs designed especially for women, targeting key areas for improved women's health. This includes pre and post-natal therapy.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a common denominator in today's society. Building strength in the lower body allows the upper body and mind to relax which results in less stress

Body Structure & Function

Correct exercise and food advice can help clients achieve a balanced body structure and improved organ function.

I joined Kate’s programs soon after giving birth to my 3rd child. I experienced great changes in my body after the pregnancies, which caused a number of body aches, including lower back pain. I can’t thank Kate enough for the amazing improvement I have felt! Not only in my body, but also an improved mental state - it has been truly transformational!.”

— Renata

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